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Laguna Baseball Services is located at the Laguna Batting Cages in the beautiful Laguna Beach Canyon in Laguna Beach, CA.

5 Iron Mike Cages with speeds of 40MPH-80MPH, two fastpitch softball, one slowpitch softball and professional instruction, baseball careers are started and nurtured producing some of the finest ballplayers in Southern CA.

For all ages, we believe private instruction is about ensuring proper mechanics while leaving each individual's style as intact as possible. We teach why baseballs end up where they do. Our goal is to pass on our knowledge so that each ballplayer can start to develop his/hers own game today! We challenge our ballplayers to continually question why until they truly understand. Lessons learned through baseball can be used in all aspects of life and is an invaluable resource.

Golf Simulator is in!! PGA Golf Instructor, Charles Delorey is now available for lessons and club fitting and re-gripping. Please visit the Laguna Batting Cages for more details!
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Please fill out the form below as best as possible. We will forward your information to our instructors for them to contact you. For professional private baseball lessons and PGA Golf Instruction at the Laguna Batting Cages in Laguna Beach, CA, please call 949.497.6757 to reserve your times.

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